Jan. 16th, 2016

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If you are reading this — and I hope you are — then I beg you to please leave a comment.

You don't need a LiveJournal account (and, really, who has one of those anymore?).  You can comment anonymously, and I've disabled the captcha.

Your comment will be screened.  Only I will be able to see it.  This is on purpose, so that you won't skew anybody else's comments.

During his lifetime, over the course of 50 years, David Bowie released 27 studio albums.  Please comment on this post and name as many of those albums as you can, in the order you think of them.

That is all.  Don't worry if you miss a few, or accidentally include a live album, or get the spelling wrong.  Don't even worry if you're COMPLETELY CLUELESS, and all you know about Bowie is how to spell his first name.  Keep listing album names until you're bored, and then click "post."  But please don't use any external reference materials — if I wanted an authoritative list, I'd go ask Wikipedia.

I want to know which albums you can think of off the top of your head, and the order in which you think of them.

I'd appreciate it if you also included your name (or handle), so that I can sort the responses I get.  Including your name is also helpful in case you come back an hour later and say, "Oh! I forgot _____!"

If you happen to be looking at a list of David Bowie album titles right now, then I'm afraid you're disqualified, sorry.  Better luck next time.

Thank you.  Go!

Comments are now closed. Thank you!


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