Apr. 29th, 2016

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…consisting of the most recent text in most of my SMS conversations.

I'm sitting just outside the entrance. Let me know if we've crossed paths and you're already inside.
Thanks. I will
Thanks <3

I feel like hermitting as usual. Enjoy dinner!!
Thank you!
We r Suk in rafik
Yes, better to rest up. Have a good weekend!
That's the best way to go.

Please do!
Thank you
No, but thank you for offering! May it find a good home.
That works for me! Let me know.
For sure. Thanks
Woo hoo! See you then.

good morning btw!
oh hi ur home i did not know
My goodness. 8 years.
Great, see you then! Thanks.
See you soon!

Oh dear god this will never end.

You're fantastic. Thank you. I hope you're having a great vacation!
Oh yes! And thank you for including me! I do love lemon bars.
I liked the semaphore one

Made it here and earlier than I expected
THANK YOU for your super-detailed response!!
Whoop, I do say. Whoop!

Entered! Thanks
This stall, then.
Well, to be fair, no one asked.
That's a relief. Thanks. :-)
No problem, catch ya next time!
Thank you. I'll look into it right away.

The text message obligingly emits an odour of gruel instead. It is very birthday-like gruel, with hints of shortbread and candy.

Thank you!
Thank you!
you got it! xx
Yeah I am

Done deal. No lifelines remain, the order will be locked in after Howie Mandell gets off the phone and sanitizes the set (AGAIN) and you are NOT the weakest link. See you around 530.

Ok - I will call you at 9:30.
We are back at the lot!!
Thank you!
thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
On my way See u soon!

Printers=our evil robot overlords.
Running late: I'm in a taxicab and will be at City Hall as soon as possible.
Too late for your password though. :(
Knock, knock? I am at your door, but there is no answer.
Now aboard — but I don't recall if we decided on a place to meet.
Yep…see you tomorrow.

Your text has arrived, but it is unclear who you are or to whom you are texting.

We are at Starbucks
Great! I'll see you then.
will have to wait til tomo
My bad. Got it
I'm out front whenever you're ready
Not without more planning and less already happening in my life.

All your base HeX are belong to us!
Ok see you then
(I was recently astonished to learn that she has never played D&D.)

Arrived; I'm on the left against the centre divider.
Coming up
Sure! C U soon.
I told them nothing, of course: it could be phishing for all I know.
OK. I will give her the address.

caught by derailed freighter. no ETA or service…
Why, it is a test!

Running 5 mins late, horrible traffic, just on viaduct
Oh! I'll come find you!
Yes! I will see you there.

Ah- I was wondering why I could not dial out this morning.
Could you remind us of that recipe for lemon butter?
Somewhat reluctant to move a box from it's usual location if it is being used.

Hi this is a teat
Right I'm so sorry again
Old number, as it turned out. Sorry to trouble you.

Hey, could you please give me a call soonish? Thanks!
Well, I was moments away from texting that I, also, am running slightly late. I'm just leaving downtown now.
Seems to have worked :-)
merci, beaucoup

Got your message; see you when you get here…
Thanks for helping me! Good to see you! :)
You are vary strang
Yay!! :-)

Said MacGyver to Georgia O'Keeffe, / "These long sunsets are awfully brief. / I suppose if you're not tired / Of light, I could hotwire / a chariot of fire with my teeth?"

It's all good now! Don't worry about it. :)
Yup, I got it! Thanks!!
Will do!

Ahoy there! Phone me?
On my way, hope I'm not too late.
In the roller coaster shop. We can start back anytime, or head toward you. You?
Party of five next to the beverage fountain.

I am at your back door, but answer is there none. Am I unreasonably early?
Sorry on set today!
All possible worlds are devoid of steamed luggage.

Thank you!
How did you get on the wrong train?

Theory is eating my brain. Want to pick?
The third catapult grows weary of seasoned bark mulch.
If you can read this message, you win a FREE RIDE IN A TRUCK!!!!!

Happy morning! Just confirming you're still coming along…?
Helmet is recovered!
Sounds fine!

Three bags full. No. 6 pm!
Sry wrong number
That's good.


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