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I threw a big party on my twentieth birthday. My notebook records all of the people I invited; everyone who RSVPed; and everyone who showed up (in order, with the exact time).

It also lists all the presents I received that year. The bagels were not my idea.

From Mum & Dad, a card & address book / timetabler
From PN., the Batman TV soundtrack
From MJ., 3 bagels & a custom T-shirt
From MF., 1 bagel & a U of Ant T-shirt & a card
From AB., 1 bagel & a jar of pickles & a cake mix
From DP. & MH., 2 window balloons & a discrete telescope & a card
From LB. & B., a sky map & a card & a paper airplane book
From AG., a card & a book & a pun book
From PE., a card & $50
From AM., 2 poems & a letter & Pringles
From PS., a card & a bagel
From SD., 4 buttons
From PS. & KC., 6 bagels & a blank mug
From MD., 1 bagel
From CM., 1 bagel
From JB., a card
From JT., a card & a letter & a crane, paper
From E., N., etc., a card
From Gramps, a card & $20
From W., a card & a pencil & chic. dino's & $20
From JW. & MJ., a card & Ç.P.P.M. lyrics
From EG., a card & a fish


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