Nov. 12th, 2013 10:45 pm
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This evening, while tidying my basement, I found the old notebook which I used to carry around in my late teens.

I am inspired to post excerpts from it.

Here, then, is the beginning of an epic poem I once began about Hank, and notes about where I wanted to take it. Hank was a running joke among my friends -- the saviour of a fictional religion which only valued money.

Yes, we honestly thought that was a joke. We were so naïve that we didn't realize there were people in the world who really thought that way, and certainly not that they were in power. We thought we were being ridiculous; in fact we were just spouting the rhetoric of economic control.

We had no concept of how offensive we were.

This is the first entry in my notebook. I was seventeen.

Urania! Hear my call, and guide my pen
Through verses which must be made known to men,
Through lines to equal Virgil, Milton, Pope,
And Homer, past the Odyssey in scope,
To tell of how one man, one recent year,
Became the first of mortal men to hear
The one true gospel, how he spread its words
Past obstacles too high for Earthly birds,
And how, at last, he turned the final bend
Awaiting him alone, devout, as end.

A Monday it had been, the twenty-first
Of March when onto him the knowledge burst
Like thunder clapping bricks upon the floor
As ocean battles earth in constant war.
But long before that time, in 'eighty-one
Did all the powers decide the time had come.

-Hank's father gets cancer & dies (April '82) leaving everything to Hank (IIII)
-Hank's school career gets worse and worse
-Hank travels all over the world (to the fashionable areas) [II]
-Hank goes to Venezuela (thinking mistakenly that it's fashionable) and almost loses favour [III]
-Revelation (end of IIII) and church [V]
-Hank's discontent: baseically description [I] - decides to travel, heads for airport for Paris

-> Paris

travels ->

growing favour. Father sicker. Tricked into Venezuela by ??? Nemesis. Comes in earlier.
-> almost lost

-leaves Venezuela.
-Comes back into favour
-father dies (had recovered a bit in III end)
-> Revelation

-sets everything up, finishes his life's work, leaves a supply of X pennies (he knew the total # of people ever to be in the church at once (but no-one knows exactly how many there are)
-becomes pure money
-> how great he was

Nemesis = Mother Teresa? = Benji? = Reincarnation of the Mahatma Gandhi? of
The Book of Hank: $3.00


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